Child Care Concierge


Child Care Concierge is a referral service that does all the work for families looking for an honest and reliable babysitter or nanny.

Child Care Concierge was born out of a desire to ensure that parents in the Metro Detroit area can find the best babysitter or nanny for their family needs. Juggling life and a career is a challenge in and of itself. Finding someone to help - that should be easier. That’s where we come in.

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What can I say about Babysitter Child Care Concierge? I have used other babysitting services out on the market, but from my personal experience most of them take up too much of my time and frustrate me. Top Notch Child Care Concierge allows me to utilize my time wisely and more efficiently.

I don't have to stay up late nights researching online babysitter placement sites, (those sites allow ANYONE to sign up and make a profile, you never know who you could be meeting) search endless profiles, send emails or make calls to potential candidates. Top Notch Child Care Concierge did and is continuing to do it all for me. They even offer backup sitting which completely separates them from any other site or search engine. What's better than a face to face search from two passionate professionals? Janel and Michelle are personable, responsible and most importantly great listeners. They listen to the needs of the entire family. I love the fact that candidates are interviewed several times during the process before I even meet them. Their service is truly unique. Search engines don't have ongoing support like Babysitter Child Care Concierge. I feel more comfortable with Janel & Michelle because I know that they're with me every step of the way. Their years of experience and knowledge truly shows in their work. I usually learn from other moms and seek out advice from them so it's nice that both Janel and Michelle can bring other perspectives and experiences to the table as well. I highly recommend Babysitter Child Care Concierge to any parent. I guarantee you that you won't be disappointed.


What We Do To Assure You A Top Notch Babysitter or Nanny: ​

Face-to-face interview
Provide a personality and characteristic test 
Social Security Verification 
Perform a sex offender registry search Review and approve the candidate’s driving record 
Verify and authenticate the childcare candidate to identity and ensure that the candidate is using real and accurate information about their own identity 
Recent employment and educational history 
Perform state and county criminal background record searches

Let Top Notch Child Care Concierge handle all the work for you. We are committed to provide you with the best personnel for your needs. You deserve the best and we can make it happen.

What makes us so different you ask? We listen to you. We then seek out potential candidates based on your specific needs and requirements. People who refer to themselves as babysitters or professionals are not necessarily qualified to be one. Taking care of a child is a big responsibility that shouldn't be given to anyone who raises their hand for the job. 

We specialize in placing trusted, quality in-home child care babysitters and nannies for professional families.

We pride our focus in matching the skills and qualities of nannies and sitters to the needs of families. Our respected reputation of excellence and dedication to placing the most qualified child care provider is why we continue to be very successful in child care placements.